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Ayesha - アイシャ -
解散後は、自身がボーカルを務めるAyesha & Eclipse , ギタリストやパーカッション、ピアノとのアコースティックライブを東京、横浜を中心に活動。現在はクレイジーケンバンドのコーラスとして参加。

​影響を受けた歌手:Alicia Keys ,Adele Ellie Goulding , Coke Studio Pakistan
Ayesha was born in Switzerland between a Pakistani father and Japanese mother and grew up in Yokohama Japan
since she was 5years old.
She sings in Japanese, English  and Urdu , and is  the lead singer for the Ayesha and the Eclipse Band, performing along piano and guitar in small venue acoustic shows. She is also currently the only female support singer for the well known Crazy Ken Band.
inspired by Alicia Keys, Adele Ellie Goulding, Coke Studio Pakistan
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