Ayesha - アイシャ -
解散後は、自身がボーカルを務めるAyesha & Eclipse , ギタリストやパーカッション、ピアノとのアコースティックライブを東京、横浜を中心に活動。現在はクレイジーケンバンドのコーラスとして参加。
​影響を受けた歌手:Alicia Keys ,Adele Ellie Goulding , Coke Studio Pakistan
Ayesha was born in Switzerland between a Pakistani father and Japanese mother and grew up in Yokohama Japan
since she was 5years old.
She sings Japanese, English  and Urdu , has her own band Ayesha and the eclipse and colaborates with guitar , piano for acoustic performance.
Also a support member of Crazy ken band as a chorus.
inspired by Alicia Keys, Adele Ellie Goulding, Coke Studio Pakistan